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Practice Engine™ combines a strong technical emphasis with close client relationships to secure and retain a substantial list of top firms as clients.  We achieve this through our browser-based Practice Management system that is suitable for all sizes of firms who are looking for a strategic product that will meet their current and future needs.   Practice Engine™ provides this using the latest database and web technology.

Who Else Uses Practice Engine?

This is a robust, resilient and scalable solution, for firms of all sizes.  It is in use with firms from 1 to over 1,000 users - all on the same product.

  1. Smallest client is a sole practitioner for his own use
  2. Practice Engine is the major supplier to 10 partner plus firms in the UK & Ireland
  3. It is used by 11 Top 100 USA firms and this is growing
  4. Top ranked in the practice management sector of the ICAEW 2011 Survey

How is Practice Engine used?

Practice Engine is provided as an application residing on a firm's servers, or from the Cloud as a hosted application.  This ability is especially useful for firms that are growing or intending to grow.  The ability to add more users is limitless, and as the end-user experience is via a browser, there are no deployment issues.  This is nothing special, we've been doing it for years.

Why is Practice Engine used?

Because we listen.  We work closely with our customers who have the best insight as to how and where the profession is developing; we listen to their concerns and challenges, and deliver solutions that give them a competitive edge.  This has created a comprehensive product, where features that are ‘modules’ in other products are ‘standard’ in Practice Engine through a process of continual development.  Because we deliver.

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Request a Demo

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